Center Life

A typical day at Wind River Job Corps is full of activities to help our students prepare for the real world.  Students get up early and spend the majority of their day receiving academic and hands-on career technical training.

After class, students study or hang out with friends before dinner in the cafeteria. After dinner, students may do chores in their dorms, study, attend high school classes or tutoring, or participate in clubs and team sports.  Most students are in bed by 10:00 PM in order to rest for the next day's tasks.


• Every student is assigned a Dream Katcher who will mentor the student throughout their journey at Wind River. This mentoring program helps students to adapt to life at Job Corps and create bonds with center staff to ensure student success


• Wind River Job Corps boasts one of the best recreation programs in Job Corps.  Students find our recreational activities to be a fun and exciting way to socialize or just relax at the end of the day.  We offer traditional sports, activities, a theatre, and even a game room for student enjoyment!

• We value our student's feedback by conducting regular surveys to improve our recreational programs.  Students are always welcome to make suggestions for new or existing activities to any of our recreational staff.


• Job Corps is committed to offering all students and staff a safe and secure environment.  That's why we have a Zero Tolerance Policy.  Any student who breaks this policy will be dismissed immediately from Job Corps.

Student Business Meetings

• Community business meetings are held to bring students and staff together.  These meetings are designed to honor student achievements and to keep everyone up to date about center information.