Benefits of Job Corps


Pay and Allowances

• During your first week, new and readmitted students are issued arrival pay in the amount of $25.00 cash advance.

• Thereafter, the amount of your base pay depends on the number of days you are eligible for payment.  Base pay levels for all students are shown in the table provided below.

Number of Paid Days

Bi-Weekly Rate





Dependent Child Allotment

• For students with dependent children, allotments may be started on your behalf. The bi-weekly amounts you may authorize to be sent to your child's caregiver are $5.00, $10.00, or $15.00.  Whichever amount you choose, Wind River Job Corps Center's contribution matches five times your contribution. (Example: When you contribute $5.00, the center contributes $25.00 for a total allotment of $30.00.  Your contribution will be deducted from your bi-weekly paycheck.

Clothing Allowance

• After you have been at Wind River Job Corps for 30 to 90 days, you will be eligible to receive a clothing allowance of $100.  After that, students within 90 days of graduation from Job Corps can receive an additional $125.  Students who enroll in Advanced Training are eligible for an additional $100.


• Our center is contracted for 300 students who reside both on site, in dormitories, and off-site as non-residents.  Dormitories are brand new, and equipped with modern amenities.  They are designed with four person rooms, each dormitory has bathroom and shower facilities, laundry facilities, TV rooms, and large lounge areas.


• Our students are provided three nutritious meals each day at no cost in one of the best cafeteria facilities in Job Corps.  On weekends, students receive two full nutritious meals consisting of brunch and dinner.

Wellness Center

• The wellness center is open Monday-Friday for basic medical, dental, and optometrist services which are provided free to our students.  The wellness center also provides 24-hour emergency medical services.  Weight management, smoking cessation, pregnancy prevention, and other health-related programs are also available.

Graduate Benefits

As a Job Corps graduate, you will have a positive outlook and be qualified and prepared for today's professional workplace. Additional graduate benefits include:

• A transition allowance of up to $1000 to assist you with transportation and housing
• Job placement assistance for up to nine months
• Career counseling
• Relocation counseling services
• Students will receive initial placement services for up to nine months following separation.
• Students will receive career transition services for 12 months following initial placement.
• Services shall not exceed 21 months from separation.